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Microsoft officials have not said when to expect the launch of Windows 10 mobile. I've heard from my sources that Microsoft is targeting fall (October or so) to launch Windows 10, but I don't know whether that means all Windows 10 SKUs or not. (SKU, officially "stock-keeping unit," means version.). For those wondering, Microsoft also is planning to deliver an updated version of Windows 10 for desktop/laptop/tablet devices in February, but officials haven't provided a date. Update: In a blog post about today's preview, Microsoft officials explained why intially the preview is limited to the specific set of Lumia models. From the post.

Some context on why we chose these and not higher end phones like the 930/Icon or 1520: We have a feature that will be coming soon called "partition stitching" which will allow us to adjust the OS partition dynamically to create room for the install process to be able to update the OS in-place, Until this comes in, we needed devices which were configured k edge iphone case by mobile operators with sufficiently sized OS partitions to allow the in-place upgrade, and many of the bigger phones have very tight OS partitions..

Note that this doesn't mean that Windows 10 will take more disk space than Windows Phone 8.1, it's just a function of the upgrade process at this point. Once the partition stitching feature is completed, many more devices will be supported. This story originally posted as "Microsoft delivers first public preview of Windows 10 for phones" on ZDNet. The first public preview build of the mobile version of the operating system is available for Windows Insider testers, but it only runs on certain devices.

The SmartEyeglass Developer Edition SED-E1 is the first set of smart glasses from Sony to go on sale, k edge iphone case They are available from March in the US, the UK, Germany and Japan for $840, £520, €670 or 100,000 yen, and pre-orders are open today in the UK and Germany, They'll also be on sale to business customers in France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden, No Australian prices or details were announced but the UK price converts to around AU$1,020, Smart glasses are like regular specs with a transparent screen in the lenses, so you can see features like emails and notifications floating in front of your very eyes, Paired with your phone, the glasses can show you information or tell you what's going on with the apps in your pocket..

The SED-E1 displays information in the colour green only. The battery lasts around 2 hours 30 minutes. Although there are plenty of high-tech eyewear alternatives, the Google Glass specs are the best known. Glass was one of the early devices that kickstarted the trend for wearable tech, but earlier this year Google stopped selling it. Costing $1,500 and only available in limited numbers, it was never aimed at a mass audience. What's more, the camera-equipped device raised controversy over questions of privacy -- bars banned them and wearers earned the nickname "Glassholes".

In design terms Glass is much more subtle than Sony's chunky 77-gram (2.7-ounce) black-rimmed SmartEyeglass, Having worn them in September last year, I can tell you they're pretty cumbersome, Glass is also wireless, whereas Sony's specs connect with a wire to a hockey puck-sized control unit that holds the battery, speaker, microphone and touch controls, The SmartEyeglass Developer Edition SED-E1 smart glasses are cheaper than Glass, but far less elegant, Sony is making a pass at Google Glass, announcing that a developer edition of the Sony SmartEyeglass high-tech specs are k edge iphone case available to order now -- and they're cheaper than Glass, even if they're nowhere near as elegant..

You're probably shaving your wrist-hairs in anticipation. Either that or you're thinking: "Hell, Apple is coming out with a watch and millions of iSheep are going to love it."What, though, does Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak think? He's not been entirely amused by smartwatches until now. Last year, he described the Samsung Galaxy Gear as " worthless."This wasn't mere competitive spittle from an Apple fanperson. Woz is known to use and like many Android devices. However, now that the Apple Watch is due to emerge shortly, he's smitten. In a new interview with the BBC, he explained that Apple simply makes products "more fun than anyone else."For Woz, the Apple Watch's display is "like a little piece of art." He believes that everyone in "hip, camp areas" will be salivating so much, they will want it instantly.

But will they be hippy campers? How will this watch possibly appeal to the younger audiences, some of whom have never heard of watches? Woz believes the Apple Watch will have to feature enough good uses, "Look at how many people have diabetes," he said, "If this thing's actually measuring blood sugars and monitoring them all day long, oh my gosh, there's a built-in niche market that's huge already."Surely, though, the mere design, the mere image, the mere newness of the k edge iphone case Apple Watch will bring hordes to the cause..

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