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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday voted to open a new review of U.S. media ownership rules and seek comments on whether the government should end a prohibition on mergers among the four largest broadcast networks. The FCC said it could reverse the rule that bars a merger among the “Big Four” networks: NBC, owned by Comcast Corp (CMCSA.O), Walt Disney Co’s (DIS.N) ABC, CBS Corp’s (CBS.N) CBS or Fox, owned by Twenty-First Century Fox (FOXA.O).

The FCC asked if the rule “remains necessary to promote competition, localism, or viewpoint diversity.”, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said the commission is “teeing cufflink ready shirt up a number of questions” and keeping an open mind on whether the rules still make sense, The FCC noted that a version of the rule barring dual ownership of networks has existed since the 1940s and asks if U.S, antitrust laws or other policies would “serve as a sufficient backstop to prevent undue consolidation between or among the Big Four networks.”..

The FCC also wants comments on a rule that bars one company from owning two TV stations in the same market except under certain circumstances. The FCC asks if those rules continue “to serve the public interest and remains necessary.”. The FCC will also consider if existing rules that limit the number of local radio stations in a single market should be rescinded. The FCC noted in a report that broadcast networks face significant competition in content creation and cited the billions of dollars that Netflix Inc (NFLX.O) Inc (AMZN.O) and Alphabet Inc’s (GOOGL.O) YouTube are spending on original content.

“The golden age of television — or the platinum age of content — is the direct result of choice,” FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr, a Republican, said, “The gatekeepers of the past are no longer gatekeepers, Americans, using a broadband connection, can access any content, from any device, anywhere.”, Democratic cufflink ready shirt FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel raised concerns that “too much consolidation can reduce the number of voices, jobs, and the newsgathering that results.”..

(Reuters) - Toyota Motor Corp (7203.T) said on Wednesday it is advancing by a year plans to replace Takata airbags in about 65,000 Toyota and Lexus vehicles in the United States it had previously replaced. The Japanese carmaker's U.S. subsidiary said the recall is being announced a year ahead of the December 2019 timeline and would involve replacing Takata airbags that it previously recalled and replaced, with non-Takata airbags at no cost.( Takata and its U.S. entity TK Holdings Inc filed for bankruptcy in June last year after recalling more than 100 million of its air bag inflators worldwide as they could inflate with too much force and spray metal fragments.

(Reuters) - Intel Corp (INTC.O) said on Wednesday that it has developed a way to stack its computing circuits on top of one another in a bid to regain the lead in chip manufacturing technology that it has lost to cufflink ready shirt rivals like Taiwan Semiconductor Co Ltd (5425.TWO) in recent years, Intel, the world’s biggest maker of computing chips for personal computers and data centers, for decades followed Moore’s law, named for Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, by doubling the number of transistors on a chip every two years, thus roughly doubling their performance..

But as those transistors have shrunk to just a few nanometers apart, Intel has fallen years behind schedule on its own plans. The company said in July that chips featuring its newest 10-nanonmeter manufacturing technology will not arrive until the holiday shopping season of 2019. In the meantime, most of Intel’s biggest rivals such as Nvidia Corp (NVDA.O) and Qualcomm Inc (QCOM.O) long ago quit manufacturing chips and outsourced the work to firms like TSMC. The Taiwanese firm rolled out its newest generation of chipmaking technology this year and snatched away Intel’s title of making the tiniest chips.

But Intel said it now has technology to stack computing circuits on cufflink ready shirt top of each other and wire them together with speedy connections, enabling it to pack more onto a single chip, Stacking has been used in memory chips before, but Intel would be the first company to successfully stack the so-called “logic” chips that handle computing tasks, Raja Koduri, Intel’s chief of chip architecture, told Reuters in an interview, “We’ve been working on this packaging technology for nearly 20 years,” Koduri said, “There’s some real physics problems to solve in stacking logic on logic.”..

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