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Democrats are seizing on the plant closing and have repeatedly attacked Republicans in the past two days for giving large companies a tax cut. Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer on Tuesday criticized Trump for “overpromising” as a candidate about protecting against plant closures if he was elected. “GM pocketed the tax break we gave them and are closing up shop anyway, with nary a word from the president until after the fact,” Schumer said. GM declined to comment on Schumer’s remarks.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A federal appeals court on Tuesday revived for a second time a 11-year-old defamation lawsuit by bedding retailer Mattress Firm Inc against adjustable bed maker Sleep Number Corp (SNBR.O), The 2nd U.S, Circuit Court of Appeals said a lower court judge misinterpreted New York law in dismissing claims first brought in March 2007 by Sleepy’s, now part of Mattress Firm, against Select Comfort, renamed Sleep Number last November, Andrew Hansen, a lawyer for Sleep Number, declined to comment, Lawyers for Mattress Firm did not immediately respond to requests for comment, Mattress Firm, part of South Africa’s Steinhoff International Holdings NV (SNHJ.J), emerged can you wear cufflinks with any shirt from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last week..

The case concerned whether Select Comfort violated a 2005 contract that let Sleepy’s sell Select Comfort’s wood framed “Personal Preference” beds, while Select Comfort sold its plastic-and-polymer framed “Core” beds in its own stores. Sleepy’s sued after “secret” shoppers it hired to visit Select Comfort stores reported that salespeople disparaged the quality and comfort of Personal Preference beds, whose sales were poor, and said Sleepy’s offered inferior warranties.

U.S, District Judge Joanna Seybert in Central Islip, New York dismissed the case in Sept, 2015, saying the alleged disparagements were not “published to a third party” under New York law because only Sleepy’s secret shoppers heard them, But in a 3-0 decision by the New York-based appeals court, Circuit Judge Robert Sack said the publication requirement might have been met if the shoppers can you wear cufflinks with any shirt qualified as Sleepy’s “agents.”, He ordered Seybert to revisit that issue, and whether Sleepy’s consented to the alleged slanders..

The appeals court also threw out a $2.63 million legal fee award for Sleep Number, saying Seybert didn’t justify it and should reconsider the amount. Sleep Number is based in Minneapolis. Sleepy’s was based in Hicksville, New York, and Mattress Firm is based in Houston. Sleepy’s lawsuit had been dismissed by a different judge in Sept. 2012, and revived by the appeals court in March 2015. The case is Sleepy’s LLC v. Select Comfort Wholesale Corp et al, 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Nos. 15-3560, 16-3595.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A Republican lawmaker wants to change a single word in the Trump administration’s farm aid program saying some soybean growers in Louisiana cannot qualify for the payments designed to offset farmers’ losses from tariffs against China, Representative Ralph Abraham said his bill would allow the $12 billion in farm aid payments to be made based on “planted acres” instead of “harvested acres.”, With China not buying U.S, soybeans and storage costs rocketing can you wear cufflinks with any shirt or silos completely full, some farmers have been forced to let their crops rot in the field..

“They can’t harvest it because it is too wet and even if they can, they can’t take it anywhere because the elevators are full,” Abraham said. “We have nowhere else to store the soybeans until they’re loaded onto a boat and go somewhere else in the world.”. China and other top U.S. trade partners had zeroed in on American farmers with retaliatory tariffs after President Donald Trump imposed duties on $250 billion worth of Chinese goods earlier this year as part of his vow to cut the U.S. trade deficit with China.

Beijing slapped a 25 percent tariff on U.S, soybeans in retaliation, That effectively shut down U.S, soybean exports to China, worth around $12 billion last year, With China typically taking around 60 percent of U.S, supplies, the loss of that can you wear cufflinks with any shirt export market has left farmers struggling with a supply overhang, In Louisiana, up to 15 percent of the oilseed crop is being plowed under or is too damaged to market, according to data analyzed by Louisiana State University staff, The U.S, Department of Agriculture has paid out nearly $840 million as of mid-November as part of the program but many industries complain the payments are not even a fraction of their losses..

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